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Duplicate values Lookup formula in single time show
Hi Team,

I have a two worksheets in excel workbooks 1. Data 2. Master data. i want to fetch values with formula in master data sheets but the problem is Data sheet Emp code multiple times and Master data in single time so i want to formula fetch values in single times in data sheets each record, because there are duplicate values.

Please solve it. i have attached the worksheets and desired result clarification in worksheets.

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.xlsx   Book2 (2).xlsx (Size: 11.93 KB / Downloads: 13)
Dear Mohit,

Please find the attached solution.

Attached Files
.xlsx   Book2 (2).xlsx (Size: 13.12 KB / Downloads: 31)
Vivekananda Sinha

If you cannot change the way you learn, how can you change the way you earn.  Smile
(20-Jul-2018, 03:23 PM)Vivekananda Sinha Wrote: Dear Mohit,

Please find the attached solution.

Thank you very much Sir for your Quick Response. Smile

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