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Lookup query - based on multiple conditions
Hi Sir,

I need the solution in attached sheet.

As I have the four table which contains the employee's details like the product, date of joining month, Designation and employee Id and the basis of the tables i need the result through names instead of the employee id.

Note:- Please design the dynamic formula so that we can change the header as well. Don’t change the sequence of the questioning table. I mean no arranging allowed of employee details.

Attached Files
.xlsx   Vlookup.xlsx (Size: 10.91 KB / Downloads: 33)
Hi Amit,

Put the below formula in C13 cell and just copy into whole range (C13:F18)

(16-Jul-2018, 11:10 AM)Harshit Wrote: Hi Amit,

Put the below formula in C13 cell and just copy into whole range (C13:F18)


Thank you Harshit..

Very well done...

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