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Full Version: Condition based status update
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I have "8 Step" wise cell, now I want to put any value in 1- step to 8- step then my status is "complete"
if I update the value in any mid of step that step are show in status…(like given exmpl)

date are less then & greater than both way are coming
Hi Dharmesh,

Thanks Mohit..

But I want to put STEP name in status... which step is done after complete all step its show complete.
Hello Dharmesh,

please find below formula

(13-Oct-2017, 11:47 PM)Lovedeep sharma Wrote: [ -> ]Hello Dharmesh,

please find below formula



Lovdeep can plz little bit brief over the INDIRECT use... I m little confuse of INDIRECT use..
Indirect is useful when you want to convert a text value into a valid cell reference.
For example, formula =INDIRECT(ADDRESS(5,COUNTA(B6:I6)+1)) will always refer last entry field name
and whats about the "ADDRESS(5"

I can't understand use of "5" if its row no so plz explain...
mai samjh nhi paya ki yha pr aap ne 5 kyo use kiya h
Please find attached SS